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Pete Carr/Muscle Shoals Archives///http://www.sakatomi.com/petecarr/

001/Johnny Rivers/Borrowed Time/80
002/Hour Glass/Power of Love/68
003/Wayne Berry/Home at Last/75
004/Livingston Taylor/same/70
005/Kate Taylor/It's In There ..... And It's Got To Come Out/79
006/Wendy Waldman/Gypsy Symphony/74
007/Percy Sledge/I'll be your everything/74
008/Art Garfunkel/Watermark/78
009/Art Garfunkel/Scissor's Cut/81
010/Art Garfunkel/Break Away/75
011/Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band/Night Moves/76
012/Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band/Stranger in Town/78
013/Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band/Against the wind/80
014/Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band/ The Distanse/82
015/Mike Finnigan/same/76
016/Travis Wammack/Not for Sale/75
017/Gerry Goffin/It Ain't Exactly Entertainment/73
018/Barry Goldberg/same/74
019/Rod Stewart/Atlantic Crossing/75
020/Rod Stewart/Night On The Town/76
021/Lenny Le Blanc/same/76
022/LeBlanc & Carr/Midnight Light/77
023/Pete Carr/Multiple Flash/78
024/Jack Tempchin/same/78
025/Bob Seger/Beautiful Loser/75
026/Buzzy Linhart/Pussycats Can Go Far/75
027/Jim Capaldi/Whale Meat Again/74
028/Jim Capaldi/Short Cut Draw Blood/75
029/Millie Jackson/Still Caught Up/75
030/Paul Anka/Feelings/75
031/Tony Orland/same/78
032/Billy Vera/same/82
033/Mel & Tim/Starting all over again/72
034/Pete Carr/Not A Word On It/76
035/Simon & Garfunkel/Concert in Central Park/82
036/Boz Scaggs/My Time/72
037/The Le Blanc-Carr Band/Live from the Atlantic Studios/78
038/Paul Davis/Southern Tracks & Fantasies/76
039/Sailcat/Motorcycle Mama/72
040/The Staple Singers/Be Altitude: Respect Yourself/72
041/Paul Simon/There Goes Rhymin' Simon/73
042/Paul Simon/Still Crazy After All These Years/75
043/Richard Tate/same/77
044/Johnnie Taylor/Johnnie Taylor/73
045/Barbra Streisand/Guilty/80
046/Kim Carnes/Sailin'/76
048/Courtland Pickett/Fancy Dancer/73
049/Gerry Goffin/Back Room Blood/96
050/Freddie North/Friend/72
051/Jeanie Greene/Mary Called Jeanie Greene/71
052/Marlin Greene/Tiptoe Past The Dragon/72
053/Don Nix/In God We Trust/72
054/Don Nix/Living by the days/72
055/The Alabama State Troupers/Road Show/72
056/Donnie Fritts/Prone to Lean/74
057/Dan Penn/Nobody's Fool/73
058/Dan Penn/Do Right Man/97
059/Lou Ann Barton/Old Enough/82
060/Joe Cocker/Luxury You Can Afford/78
061/Millie Jackson/Get It Out'cha System/78
062/Bobby Womack/Facts of Love/73
063/Cat Stevens/IZITSO/77
064/Dr. Hook/Preasure & Pain/78
065/Bobby Womack/Lookin' for a love again/74
066/Helen Reddy/Take What You Find/80
067/Don Nix/Hoboes, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns/73
068/Dee Dee Bridgewater/same/76
070/Frankie Miller /Standing On The Edge/82
071/Millie Jackson/Caught Up/74
072/Odia Coates/samae/77
073/Larry Santos/You are everything I need/76
074/Peter Yarrow/Love Songs/75
075/Mary MacGregor/Torn Between Two Lovers/76
076/Bobby Womack/Home is where the heart is/76
077/Mike Harrison/Smokestack Lightning/72
078/Corky Laing/Makin' It On The Street/77
079/Paul Kossoff/KOSS/77
080/Jim Capaldi/The Contender/78
081/Phillip Mitchell/Just The Beginning/2004
082/Joan Baez/Honest Lullaby/79
083/Reuben Howell/Rings/74
084/Pete Carr/Play That Guita/2004
085/Millie Jackson/Free and In Love/76
086/Banks and Hampton/Passport to Ecstasy/77
087/Reuben Howell/same/73
088/Gary Farr/Addressed to the Censors of Love/73
089/Z. Z. Hill/The Beginning..../70
090/Bobby Womack/Understanding/72
091/Johnny Rivers/Road/74
092/Dianne Brooks/Back Stairs of My Life/76
093/Mavis Staples /Oh What A Feeling/79
094/The Staples/Unlock Your Mind/78
095/Luther Ingram/Do You Love Somebody/77
096/Millie Jackson/ I Got to Try It One Time/74
097/Wilson Pickett/Mr. Magic Man/73
098/Facts of Life/Sometimes/77
099/The Facts of Life/A Matter of Fact/78
100/Becky Hobbs/same/74
101/Mac Davis/Forever Lovers/76
102/Latimore/Dig A Little Deeper/78
103/Irma Thomas/In Between Tears/69
104/Mel & Tim/same/73
105/Maggie & Terre Roche/Seductive Reasoning/75
106/Lori Jacobs/Free/73
107/The Dells/The Mighty Mighty Dells/74
108/Donovan/Lady of the Stars/83
109/Peter Yarrow/That's Enough For Me/73
110/Ronee Blakley/Welcome/75
111/Jim Capaldi/Oh how we danced/72
112/Andy Fraser/... in your eyes/75
113/Traffic/Shoot out the fantasy factory/73
114/Ron Banks & The Dramatics/The Dramatic Jackpot/75
115/Wilson Pickett/Pickett in the Pocket/74
116/Johnnie Taylor/Crazy 'bout you/89
117/Delbert McClinton/Plain' from the heart/81
118/Luther Ingram/(If lovin' you is wrong) I don't want to be right/72
119/Luther Ingram/Let's steal away to the hideaway/76
120/Swamp Dogg/Total Destruction to Your Mind/70
121/Swamp Dogg/Rat On!/71
122/Z. Z. Hill/Velvet Soul/82
123/Larry Santos/Don't let the music stop/77
124/Johnnie Taylor/Eargasm/76
125/Rabbit/Broken Arrows/73
126/Fred Styles/Bandcestors/2005
127/Bob Crewe/Motivation/77

Crimson Tide/same/78
Jackson Highway/same/80
The Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers/70
Bob Dylan/Saved/80
Kunio Kishida/Alabama Boy/2005
Chelsea Chartbusters/2001


128/Connie Francis/Where the hits are/89
129/Hank Williams, Jr. & Friends/same/76
130/Percy Sledge/Percy!/83
131/Lenny LeBlanc/Say A Prayer/83
132/Luther Ingram/same/86
133/Candi Staton/Candi/74
134/Mac Davis/Baby don't get hooked on me/72
135/Swamp Dogg/Cuffed, Collared & Tagged/72
136/Delbert McClinton/The Jealous Kind/80
137/Tamiko Jones/in Muscle Shoals/71
138/Levon Helm/same/81
139/Johnnie Taylor/She's killing me/79
140/The Amazing Rhythm Aces/same/79
141/Russell Smith/same/82
142/Nicholas Lampe/it happend long ago/70
143/Betty Wright/I love the way you love/72
144/HOT/strong together/79
145/Johnnie Taylor/Rated Extraordinaire/77
146/Bob Seger/Back in '72/73
147/Willie Nelson/Phases & Stages/74
148/Batdorf & Rodney/off the shelf/71
149/Clarence Reid/dancin' with nobody but you babe/69
150/Cher/3614 Jackson Highway/69
151/Albert King/Lovejoy/71
152/Millie Jackson/Feelin' Bitchy/77
153/Muscle Shoals Horns/doin' it to the bone/77
154/Frederick Knight/I've been lonely for so long/73
155/Peter Yarrow/Hard Times/75
156/Herbie Mann/Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty/70
157/Jimmy Ruffin/Sunrise/80

Linda Ronstadt/She's A Very Lovely Woman (song)
Canned Heat/one more river to cross/73
blackfoot/no reservations/75
Katie Love/it hurts so good (song)/69
Linda Ronstadt/ same/72
Archie Bell & The Drells/muscle session 7"
Sanford & Townsend/same/77
Lynyrd Skynyrd/the complete muscle shoals album/98


158/Laura Nyro/Christmas and the beads of sweat/70
159/Bobby Womack/Communication/71
160/Bobby Womack/Pieces/78
161/Bobby Womack/Roads of Life/79
162/Eddie Hinton/very extremely dangerous/78
163/Jose Feliciano/Sweet Soul Music/76
164/Jackie Moore/make me feel like a woman/75
165/Millie Jackson/a moment's pleasure/79
166/Doris Duke/I'm a loser/70
167/Boz Scaggs/same/69

Barry Goldberg/blasts from my past/71
Ry Cooder/boomer's story/72
Wilson Pickett/the best of_/74
John Buck Wilkin/in search of food, clothing, shelter & sex/70
Bobby Hatfield/Messin' in Muscle Shoals/71
Gloria Lynne/singles
Billy Vera and Judy Clay/reaching for the moon (single)/69
Lonnie Mack/the hills of Indiana/71
Alex Taylor/dinnertime/72
Cowboy/5'll getcha ten/71

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TVKテレビ神奈川 放映番組

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